Car rental

Do you need to rent a car with a driver? We are more than happy to fulfill this request. In case you need to get to a business meeting but you have no car available at the moment and at the same time you want to spend time traveling effectively to work or rest, we offer you the option to rent a car with a driver as your personal limousine.

The rented car will be without any identifying marks of our company so your business partners won't even notice your car is rented. Contrariwise if you wish to place the logo of your company on the car we will ensure this.

The order of a car rental needs to be carried out at least one day in advance even for multi-day rentals.
Price list
  City Long-distance KMs in price  
Rent for 1 hour 26.56,- EUR 26.56,- EUR 40 km / hour order
Rent for 1-2 days 192.52,- EUR / day 192.52,- EUR + arrival 200 km / hour order
Rent for 3-6 days 159.33,- EUR / day 159.33,- EUR + arrival 200 km / hour order
Driver accommodation NO YES ---  
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