Protection of personal information

Personal Information

The Airport Driver Company ("company"), performs transfers of persons for the wide spectrum of customers in Europe. In order to provide its services and related activities in a proper manner it needs to gather, obtain and process personal information from its customers in a minimal required extent.

Since providing the personal information, in particular, is a sensitive matter for the customers, guaranteeing the protection of personal information is one of the main concerns. In our company a great amount of responsibility and ministration is taken in the process of gathering and processing the personal information.

The company gathers, obtains and processes personal information mainly for the purpose of performing the following activities or ones related to them:

For the purpose for providing services of Airport Driver as well as organizing related activities following information considered personal information: first and last name of the client / participant, his / her post and e-mail address and telephone number. Person making the reservation is required to provide all personal information specified as required.

The company gathers, obtains and processes personal information, mentioned above, to the extent necessary, depending on the particular purpose of processing.

Reservation of transportation

Personal information listed above, provided during the transfer reservation allows the processing of the client's order, in order to provide proper and timely transportation of the client to the specified destination.

This information may also be used for contacting the client in case of changes in his reservation or in relation to changes in transportation service, which he ordered.

Contests, games, advertising shows

If a client wishes to participate in a contest, game or an advertising show of the company, the client's personal information needs to be provided in order to run the contest, evaluate results and eventually contact the winner.

The participation in a contest, game or an advertising show is voluntary. Participating in such an event means that the personal information of the participants will be stored in the database system of the company. This allows the participant to receive the information about the latest discounts, destinations and other activities of the company by email at no cost.

The participants may ask to be deleted from the database of the company at any time, again by email.


Cookies are the remnant information stored on a hard drive the user's computer and allow the company to identify the user so he will not have to fill out his personal information each time he makes a reservation of transportation online. This personal information is automatically filled in to the online order form, when opened. The user can set up the computer so cookies will not be stored on the hard drive of his computer.

Complaints and reclamations

When handling complaints and reclamations it is necessary to provide additional information in addition to the personal information mentioned above, such as the account number, the bank's name where the claimant has his account opened, etc.

Gathering, obtaining and processing personal information

The company gathers and obtains personal information explicitly by the direct telephone or personal communication with the customer or through the computer system with the use of the Internet site by the client. The personal information of clients is stored explicitly in digital form and is stored in the computer's database system of the company.

The protection of personal information and providing to the third party

Only a limited number of employees of our company have access to the personal information, and all of these employees are bound by the liability of reticence. The personal information is provided exclusively only to contractual partners in the minimal extent necessary, in order to realize the services provided by the company in relation to personal transportation, as well as to the state organs if the company is obliged to do so according to the applicable legal regulations. Specifically, according to the Regulation no. 2004/82/EC in effect by the law no. 558/2005 Z. z., the company is obliged to provide personal information of the passengers, who are transported to Slovak Republic through the external border, in extent specified by law, at the request by the police at the country boarders.

The company doesn't make any of the personal information public.


By using the services of the company and participating in its related events, the client / participant agrees with the gathering, obtaining and processing of his personal information described above. In a case the client decides to use the services of the company or to participate in its related events, he is obliged to provide his personal information to the company for this purpose and in the extent described above.

In relation to providing and processing his personal information, the client possess legal rights defined mainly by law of the Slovak National Council no. 428/2002 Z. z. about the Protection of Personal Information as stated in its latest amendments, and from the directive on the European Parliament and the European Council 95/46/EU from the 24th October 1995 about the protection of individuals in relation to processing personal information and free circulation of this information (EU, L 281, 23rd Nov.1995) in the wording of the regulation of the European Parliament and the European Council no. 1882/2003 from the 29th September 2003 (EÚ L 284, 31st Oct.2003).

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