Airport Taxi

This service will be appreciated by clients who travel by air from or to the Bratislava airport or other airports in central Europe. The service is provided in co-operation with the airports under the trademark "Airport Driver".
Price list
Our standard is to provide the service with vehicles of middle and high class.

Route Standard price
Bratislava - Bratislava Airport 10,- EUR 8,- GBP
Bratislava - Brno Airport 126,- EUR 105,- GBP
Bratislava - Budapest Ferihegy Airport 212.50,- EUR 177,- GBP
Bratislava - Debrecen Airport 381.50,- EUR 319,- GBP
Bratislava - Košice Airport 358.50,- EUR 299,- GBP
Bratislava - Poprad Airport 292,- EUR 244,- GBP
Bratislava - Prague Ruzyně Airport 312,- EUR 261,- GBP
Bratislava - Salzburg Airport 318.50,- EUR 266,- GBP
Bratislava - Wien Schwechat Airport 40,- EUR 33,- GBP
The price list applies to routes in any direction.
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